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Certified Magna Wave Practitioner
AOPP Certified
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My Story
As a life long equestrian and Horse Show Mom,  I observed how the soundness of our horses impacted the lives of everyone around me.  My daughter, my trainers and my family, were often disrupted by the various soundness and health problems that plagued our horses.  I watched the same things happening to everyone in my horse community. At the time, my goal was to do everything I could to make sure our horses were healthy and happy because they were such important members of our family and the stress of an injured horse was tough on everyone.
When my daughter's horse was diagnosed with Kissing Spine 6 years ago, I sought out every solution imaginable to try and alleviate the many issues he was having as a result of that condition.
I researched many different therapies, always searching for the one that would "fix" him.  When I learned about PEMF therapy, I realized that if I created a healthy cellular environment throughout his whole body, that may be the best way to address all the various issues that resulted from years of overcompensating for the pain in his back.  When I saw how the MagnaWave pinpointed all the areas I knew he had issues with, I was sold.  When I saw the difference in his movement with just one treatment, I knew that everyone in my horse community could benefit from this amazing technology.
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